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Having photographed schools for over 15 years, Epic Imagery has been a trusted source of professional scholastic based imagery in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our studio prides itself on believing in and cultivating strong scholastic ties with local private and public schools. Here are just a few of the many strong facets that our studio offers. 


Knowing how to conduct oneself in a campus environment is of utmost importance. Epic Imagery has vast familiarity with and documentation of campus life. With school in session, there is a subtly to the fine art of capturing the unique culture of scholastic life. We at Epic Imagery are experts at this delicate balance of getting the shot and not being disruptive to the classroom environment. In addition to the fore mentioned points, another key to this idea of campus etiquette has to do with creating a relationship with a given school. The more time spent on campus, the more relaxed, recognizable and respondent students and faculty become with your presence and prompting for photographs.


Working with the faculty of a given school is the heartbeat of this photographer-school relationship. There can be many needs, concerns and deadlines that need to be responded to. Epic Imagery truly seeks to grow this collaboration with a given school's faculty and staff. Whether it be the Advancement, Sports or any other department, we are ready with a quick phone call or prompt email to address any situation. 


Photographing a basic cap & gown image is pretty basic. Epic Imagery positions ourselves to be truly much more than merely a school photographer. At the heart of our mission and value to schools is this focus on capturing school culture. Every school has it. From the way the campus is situated, to the curriculum, the history, the educators and of course to the students themselves. The challenge for many schools is finding a way to reflect this well-thought out uniqueness to potential parents and students among other things. In addition to this, given the social media aspect we have today, having access to strong and aesthetic images for this purpose is of the highest value. 


One of the areas in which we are most highly valued as a photography studio is in the area of discretion. We understand that sometimes certain students, parents and other guests need privacy. It's in this light that we maintain a high-level of trust with a given school or learning institution. 


Taking professional photos is really just the start of what it means to be professional. It truly begins with character as the fundamental tenet and then expands from there into many other facets. Treating the school faculty, students, parents and guests with dignity and respect is a core commitment. From the very first interaction to the final delivery of product we strive to convey a deep level of professional photographic excellence.