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Downtown Chicago Skyscraper Architectural Photography

From real estate offerings, custom builders, professional designers to investment portfolios, architectural photography cuts across many genres. Many of our clients have photography needs in these arenas which fits our photographic style perfectly. We work with many professionals in these areas such as architects, brokers, interior designers and on. 

Our versatility within the architectural photography space ranges from single-family homes, luxury properties, office buildings to high-rise, skyscraper real estate. In addition to the external aspects, we also provide high-quality interior photography. Epic Imagery is skilled in knowing, understanding and navigating through the known challenges of mixed-lighting (ambient and artificial), perspective issues and reflections. We also can provide aerial photography options as well. 

Before beginning an architectural photography assignment, we invest in a collaborative effort with our clients which lays the groundwork for superior results. Knowing in advance the intended usage and ultimate purpose is a vital aspect of this dialogue. From a company's asset library, to large wall pieces and strong web presence, architectural imagery can be used by a business for many purposes.

Not only is having the necessary skill-set and experience important, but also equally important is the usage of proper professional equipment. Simply put, we utilize the best gear available for the niche of architectural imaging.. There are many elements involved but using a ultra hi-resolution cameras, proper stabilization methods and tilt-shift lenses are at the core. 

Thank you in advance for considering us for your architectural photography needs. We look forward to hearing from you!