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Middle School Student Learning about Robotics

For over 15 years, Epic Imagery has been immersed in the scholastic photography environment. Our school photography services are extremely diverse and reflective of the creative aspects we seek to incorporate into our other types of work. One of our greatest strengths lies in our ability to properly convey the culture and spirit of our school clients through our images. A few of the genres with which we excel at capturing are: student life, campus featuressports and events

On a regular basis we work with with multiple private schools throughout the L.A. area and have a good understanding of their operations and potential needs. One of the core attributes of Epic Imagery is in our ability to create and establish relationships with our clients. Nowhere is this more evident than in our scholastic photography services. Maintaining a keen sensitivity to the privacy concerns of our clients is a top priority. We are accustomed to working with a range of high-profile and celebrity clientele and are sensitive to their need for confidentiality.

Although the scholastic elements are what most parents and students consider first when assessing a school, the sports programs are right up there in terms of importance. With that being said, we are highly proficient in this arena of high school sports. Photographing team spirit, action shots, school pride and individual achievements is our specialty. We will stalk the football field, gym or swimming pool waiting for that one compelling image that sums it all up. 

Photographing school events is another genre that is highly valuable to an educational institution. Anything from fundraisers, alumni dinners, student award nights to graduations are well within our capabilities. Going behind the scenes during many of these events can yield truly candid images that give the viewer a first-person narrative. Of course casual groupings with donors, board members and other staff can be quite useful in the marketing arena. We also offer photo-booth services for many events as well. 

Our studio is able to meet client expectations with diverse images and prompt delivery of files and products. Our studio maintains itself with the latest technology and utilizes the most modern methods possible to capture, story and share our work with clients. We will work with you to accommodate your school's specific needs and reach the goals you desire to achieve in communicating the unique climate of your school. 

Given the intense competition for students facing most schools today, capturing the Student Life dynamic and reflecting that to prospective parents and students can be a top priority. This unique school culture can be conveyed through multiple arenas. Some of these aspects include classroom visits, student and teacher profiles, teacher to student and student to student interactions. It's in these areas that Epic Imagery shines! This skill-set is derived through combining experience and the unique ability to capture "real" moments.